Site updates and movie reviews

I fully admit that life has been a bit busy, and the site updates have taken a bit of a backseat over the last year. I did manage to get a redesign thrown up, including a new section for equipment that includes a diagram and breakdown of my setup, and sponsors & affiliates that are a part of the stream. So that’s cool! I’m also excited to announce that I’m working with a talent management agency called Fenix Down, which is equally exciting news! I also joined up with a team called The Flagship in the last year. Hopefully all of these things will lead to increased content production on my end, because a few things that go into the “business” side of things are now things that I have help with. Here’s to the future!

Cooking streams are finally being produced for the channel, and a return to regular review creation is also happening! I promise to be much less of a stranger to this website, as I intend to start posting some regular content here as well. SPEAKING OF WHICH – I have a Letterboxd account, so I’m having fun writing some reviews out for movies in my spare time. I will probably go on some rants in greater detail about some movies, or genres, on the blog here, but Letterboxd is probably going to be updated pretty regularly, and casually, with my literal two cent throwaway thoughts about certain movies. Here are some of the latest:

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